Philosopher’s Stone

Philosophy ! If you ask 💯 philosophers what it is about, you’re likely to get 💯 answers. The era, however, is mainly divided into 2 phases – the pre-philosophic and the philosophic- not because the questions they asked are any different, but because of the varied method they employed in each era to answer those questions.

Philosophers are normal human beings, like us, who inquire common questions that intrigue every human mind -about life, death, suffering- but what makes them into philosophers is their analytic answering to those questions.

Pre-philosophical thinking dates back to first man itself on earth, where truth was revealed by a higher source. The thought-process back then was characterised by appeal to revelation as the primary reliable source of knowledge, with some supernatural personalities of Ancient lore as the possible explanations of physical phenomenon. These beings controlled the physical world and could intervene anytime they want to enforce their will.

Philosophy -as western- began in the city of Miletus roughly around 600-200 BCE with Thales (620 – 546  BCE) who denied these pre-philosophic claims. He came up with rather naturalistic explanation of the world based on logic and argument -with emphasis on mathematics, geometry in particular- that later developed into Natural Philosophy. According to Natural Philosophy, the events occur in certain way due to the natural phenomenas that are pretty observable and explainable. Hence, what differentiated the two era was the placement of revelation or reason as the primary source of knowledge.

Asma Khan