Babylonian Cosmology

Babylonian creation story is referred at, as one of the many old stories in the world. The Babylonian Cosmology is widely known as "Enuma Elis". "Enuma Elis" is a collection of seven clay tablets which were recovered from the ruins of a library in Nineveh, Iraq. Enuma Elis, written in Akkadian dialect, begins with the [...]

Egyption Cosmology

Egypt's creation stories offer several versions of the creation of the world. These creation stories were found on pyramids, papyrus leaves and stones written in sacred hieroglyphic writings. These writings, when deciphered, tell us about the beginnings of the cosmos. According to one Creation Myth, everything began with the infinite dark ocean of Nun, which [...]

Cosmology of Religions

  Cosmology of Religions is the study of the Origins of the Cosmos, in the light of a specific tradition. Every religion holds its unique Cosmology, which holds the essence of the creation and the process through which it evolved. Hence, although this study refers to the creation of the universe, it encompasses a lot more than that. It [...]