Islamic take on Ouroboric Evil

Mean of living is precisely one, and that is love, while man opts one of the three states to live by it:

  1. complete dependence, i.e. the state of low self-esteem and despair, that ultimately doomed Satan.
  2. complete independence, i.e. the divine trait, that Satan devoured Adam for.
  3. interdependence, i.e. a state of managing the coexistence of the opposites, the ability man is born with and thus was elevated above all creations. 

The wise say that much evil comes from a state of man’s own self. So that means much of the fortune that befalls us becomes ill because of our subjective reaction to it, which is either in a form of complete reliance on an external source – relates to the Islamic concept of Shirk شرك  or when we lean entirely unto our selfrelates to the Islamic concept of hawā هوى.

In Jungian perspective, the later state of complete independence gives rise to ouroboric evil where egoic self devour itself in discernment. Qur’an calls this ouroboric evil as hawā and better define it as ‘love of something that it overwhelms the heart, so much so that man begins taking his desires for his god, says Qur’an. 

Both of these states are idiosyncratic that deny interdependence, which eventually is the denial of love, for love sustains in an interdependent world where the opposites harmonise. 




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