This blog is the saga of two Alpha women who tasted the pleasures of self-disclosure amid the religious extremism and scholarly abyss.

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Who Are We?

13116377_1072007416188944_7841739283538552075_o.jpgAsma Hussain Khan, a Kashmiri by blood and Pakistani by nationality, is an independent consultant of Politics and Psychology of Interfaith. She delved her graduation in Comparative Religions from IIUI in 2007, and further her M.Phil in Psychology of Religions from the same Institute. Above all odds, somewhere in moderation she felt Alive. Since then, she is teaching in various high profile universities of Pakistan alongside her professional and research commitments.


Saliha Tariq. Playing against the current. Determined to unlearn the learned. Literature enthusiast took a sharp turn towards the spiritual dimension and hence, the unrest. An academic, currently working on M.Phil dissertation on “Film and Religion” from IIUI.


Islamic take on Ouroboric Evil

Mean of living is precisely one, and that is love, while man opts one of the three states to live by it: complete dependence, i.e. the state of low self-esteem and despair, that ultimately doomed Satan. complete independence, i.e. the divine trait, that Satan devoured Adam for. interdependence, i.e. a state of managing the coexistence […]

Babylonian Cosmology

Babylonian creation story is referred at, as one of the many old stories in the world. The Babylonian Cosmology is widely known as “Enuma Elis”. “Enuma Elis” is a collection of seven clay tablets which were recovered from the ruins of a library in Nineveh, Iraq. Enuma Elis, written in Akkadian dialect, begins with the […]

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